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At AVAZA, your language skills contribute to more than just communication; they bridge cultures and connect communities. Join us to be a part of a dedicated team that values clear, compassionate, and accurate interpreting. Together, we can remove barriers, facilitating essential conversations that impact lives every day.

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AVAZA offers contractors the flexibility to work remotely on their schedule, with earnings up to $24 an hour for phone interpretation. There's also an opportunity for statewide on-site assignments for those seeking variety. Whether you choose contract work or aim for a full-time role, AVAZA provides extensive training and certifications, fostering both immediate earnings and long-term career growth. This approach aligns with diverse lifestyle and career goals, highlighting AVAZA's commitment to professional development.

Stories from our employees

"Transitioning from music to software engineering wasn't just a career change; it was a discovery of a new way to make an impact. At AVAZA, I develop software that empowers communication across communities, breaking down language barriers. Here, innovation meets empathy, creating solutions that matter. And as a contractor, I have the autonomy to contribute meaningfully while still allowing the time and freedom to decide when I work.

I'm proud to be part of AVAZA, where technology and humanity speak the same language."

Jacob Flaherty
Software Developer