What's the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting involves the interpreter waiting for the speaker to pause before translating their words into another language. This form of interpreting is common in smaller settings like meetings, medical appointments, or interviews, where the interpreter has time to listen, understand, and then convey the message. See an example here.

In contrast, simultaneous interpreting requires the interpreter to listen and translate in real-time, almost simultaneously as the speaker talks. This method is often used in large conferences or events where speakers do not pause for interpretation, requiring interpreters to work in booths with audio equipment to keep up with the flow of speech. See an example here.


How do I work with AVAZA?

Fill out our contact us form or email us directly at We would love to hear from you!


How do I update my billing details?

Email us directly at and we will send you our form.


Can I get a copy of my OTP and VRI sessions?

Our telephony platform does allow us to record interpreted sessions, however due to HIPAA and HITECH laws we are rarely ever allowed to engage such recordings let alone disseminate them to our users. These permissions are contract specific so we ask that you refer to your contracts representative and have them reach out to us. If you are head of a government department or listed as an individual with managerial/billing account access at the time of signup and where the contract with AVAZA does not have to comply with laws governing protected data, please email your request to with 45 days of the the recording and include the time, employee name, and any other information that would help us find the recording where applicable..


How do I schedule a demo of AVAZA's services?

We typically do not demo our services, as our business model functions very well with pay-as-you-go with no monthly minimums. However, we are always open to talks about our process and consider a demo if your company policy requires one. In either case, please email us directly at


Does AVAZA work directly with individuals?

We are tooled specifically to serve enterprise clients and government entities. However, individuals may request to know more about our services from the contact us page, as we consider all requests made on this form.